Right up front, have I read the 150 plus page agreement- no .

Given the technical details of the agreement I’m not sure I would understand it. (1)

What I am sure of is this: almost all the folks who are in opposition are following their preferred Republican presidential candidates and their reasons for opposition. Personally I would not follow a presidential candidate’s position on this issue whether it is Republican or Democrat because those positions are usually based on the politics of the situation.

That said, who would I believe and who would effect my position?

To me it seems logical to listen to scientists on the technical side and Foreign Service professionals on the political side. Certainly not in all cases, but by a large majority both those groups are in favor of the agreement.

Even individuals such as Brent Scrowcroft, former US National Security advisor under both President Ford and Bush1, have expressed support of the agreement.

We do not live in a perfect world so it is pretty certain the agreement is not perfect. The opposition’s response as to what they would have done, or now will do, falls into two basic categories . One, they would have forced Iran to have surrendered to a better deal or if elected tear up the agreement and impose stiffer sanctions. The first position seems to me fallacious and the second would put us in direct opposition with our friends and allies-we would be on our own. At that point Iran would either abide by the deal or not in which case they would in fact obtain nuclear weapons very quickly which we could not abide and the next option is spelled W A R .

On the other hand I think there is a strong likelihood that if sanctions are lifted and Iran’s economy improves that will give greater power to the high percentage of Iranians under 30, to gain more power. Every expert on Iran I have heard has said that is a strong possibility and good for the peace of the world. It is much easier for hard liners in any country to maintain power when things are bad then when events improve.

When I hear a candidate running for the highest office in the land that we should “wipe them out” as Scott Walker recently said that scares the begeeses out of me. Hopefully the next president will at least retain some sense of sanity as they direct US foreign policy.

(1) If you would like to read the full agreement go to: