1) Kinder Politics. If all politicians would tone down their rhetoric and have empathy for others who disagree with them the country would be better off and we would get more things done. Wouldn’t it be amazing if every candidate on one side of the isle said just one thing nice about a candidate on the other side?

2) Respect Science. Whether it is global warming, childhood vaccinations, Nuclear Agreements or anything else, if a majority of the scientific community says a certain thing is a certain way, it probably is.

3) Quit Bashing Bureaucrats. They are Americans as well most do a good job. In my personal experience this past year, I have found the folks at the Social Security office, the doctors at the VA and the people behind the counter at the motor vehicle office all helpful.


4 Fund Infrastructure. We are behind the rest of the developed world. While we are at it, work on a better rail system across the country, just as 60 years ago the interstate highway system was needed so is passenger rail today. Talk about this, it’s a job creator.

5) Support Passing Reasonable Gun Laws. Americans killed 150,000 other Americans in the past 10 years; lets get real and finally do something about it. The country is crying for leadership on this issue.

6) Increase minimum wage. Small business can afford it if it affects everyone because it will be priced into all products including the competition. Some conservative think tanks have done research that shows raising it will save money because less folk will be dependent on welfare. More then anything, it’s the right thing to do. If you don’t like this idea then explain how you would live on 7 bucks an hour.

7) Revamp Our Criminal Justice System. The money we spend as a nation to house non-violent criminals is in its self-criminal. Fix the way we hand out justice and experts believe it would cost less and we would have less crime. Tell the public what you think about this and why.

8) Make Taxes Less Complicated. I doubt we could get rid of the IRS, but we could lessen their workload, have fewer mistakes by taxpayers and have a more fair system. Propose a reasonable tax plan that also helps reduce the deficit.

9) Help Central and South American Governments. Make it a priority to help South American governments improve their standard of living and reduce their crime rates. Folks are coming north because their home countries are fraught with crime and present little economic opportunity. With that as the underlying problem, keeping folks from coming here will always be always difficult.

10) Reduce the National Debt. Both parties need to agree to some spending reductions and some taxes increased. We should not be beholding to China and other countries that own our debt. It is not good policy and everyone knows it. So besides reducing waste fraud and abuse, what else would you do to reduce the debt