My party affiliation has changed a bit over the years. From college in the late 60s until the mid 80s I was a registered Republican. Since then I have been registered as a Democrat but have occasionally voted for Republicans.


I am an Iowan, so for years I considered myself a Bob Ray (former governor) or a Jim Leach (former congressman) Republican and I think sometimes that title still holds. My view is that the Republican Party has changed a lot but I haven’t changed much. That being the case I have generally paid more attention to Democrat candidates, however of late, because the Republicans have so many folks running and their races are, to say the least, more interesting, I have paid more attention to them. I began to ask myself are their any candidates running on that side of the isle I might be able to vote for? I do need to say that no Republican running is good on all the issues, from my point of view, but a few are a lot closer then others.

A 2013 Gallup poll showed 42% of voters were independent, 31% were Democrats and 25% were Republicans. With that in mind it would seem logical that a candidate who might attract someone like me, or at the very least independent voters, would best serve the Republican Party.

My big issue and I think a lot of independents would agree, is we need someone who can work both sides of the isle. That requires a person to be pragmatic not dogmatic. Another key issue is we need a person to have empathy. Empathy is the ability to appreciate an opposing view and understand why that view is held.

In the past few years the word moderate has been in disrepute but I think it’s coming back as a valid point of view because voters are tired of not getting things done. Well, things are not getting done because few are willing to compromise.

I think that might be changing and again, from my point of view, at least a small number of Republican candidates agree. I believe a candidate who exhibits those qualities will have a much better showing in the general election then those who do not. I am holding out hope that RINOs (Republican In Name Only-a derisive term used by conservative Republicans aimed at moderate R’s) are coming back from the edge of extinction.