A spring morning – dew on the leaves – quiet, but with life all around

A winter’s day – a wet snow fallen like a blanket covering all we can see – nothing stirring but oh so beautiful

A morning view from Haleakala looking outward across the ocean

The tops of mountains with clouds surrounding

A hot July day looking across the western desert, the heat shimmering on the landscape


The touch on the back of your neck by one who loves you

A baby’s cry – yours or your son’s or your son’s daughter

This is life at its best – the reason we don’t want to leave – plus fear of not knowing what’s next

It may be that over the horizon the leaves are brighter, the snow whiter, the view more stirring, the heat more intense, the touch more meaningful, and the baby’s cry more beautiful

We won’t know until we are there
If we knew the mystery of life, it would no longer be a mystery and therein lays the core of the plan