When I was young I had no silver magic box-

Notes and mail and clocks and signs and most of all–memory-of things past-things present and future things to do ran my life.

If I needed knowledge-the Dewey Decimal System learned in college became invaluable.

I read books, I listened to learned men. I connected ideas, formed opinions and many times just stared at the clouds and became aware of new thoughts.

Now, in my later years I have my silver magic box. It is filled with all the worlds’ knowledge, past present and sometimes future. It can warn you of upcoming events, it will give you directions, either in writing or in all the languages of the world. It can write to you or if you wish, speak to you. There is no question you can ask it cannot answer. Languages, history, mathematics, chemistry, physics, zoology, botany, biology, medicine both western and eastern-all are within its grasp. You’re family history, your financial condition, your children’s location, tomorrow’s weather anywhere on the planet-all can be known to you within in seconds.

With all this universal knowledge given to all mankind my simple question, is, first is it true- second are we better off? Do we have less conflict, less war, less inhumanity to humans and to others who share this blue globe in the sky and most of all are we, as human beings –happier.

Sometimes I wonder?