The Winona sails wrapped, anchor down – a pretty boat always moored
Who owns it – some wealthy industrialist, who flies in for a weekend–rarely
Or a movie star or singer with the same name
It’s fun to guess as we lie on the beach and look out to the water
A private beach, not for locals – a techno guarded gate and people; each with a story
The young couple, skin as white as the sand

Lotion, thank God for the lotions
Families, lots of families – its Saturday and on vacation
Whole families pointing their beach chairs toward the sun
People watching people who are watching people
The handicapped lady in a motorized wheelchair
The Rotund women with great buttocks pointed to the sky
The leathery old lady – 60 years of beach time
Mai Tai and white hair
So many people – so out of shape – having fun, so much fun
Beach, part two – nice day – no wind
Winona sill moored, who are they?
The attractive blonde
White bill hat
Red fingernails
Glistening diamonds, even a ring on her toe
Just a hint of stretch marks giving away her motherhood
Gum chewer
The sparkling babe
String bikini
Very sparkly
White bill hat
Brown bod
Hedonistic, very hedonistic
Older couple, together 50 years
Brown and wrinkles – lots of beach time
The youth should pay attention, but won’t
They move together like swans
Two guys
Maybe gay
Very friendly towards each other
Bill hats – bills are in
Lazy afternoon – no waves and no one on Winona
Dick Goodson           8/25/09 –The Big Island