Reminds me of a Des Moines Rotary party
At 58, I’m definitely on the young side of the group
As is the case with this age, it’s five to three women versus men
In retirement, everything’s an issue – the sun is too hot; not enough wind; too much wind; pool to cold

Pool chatter, “I’ve been married 61 years -got married at 21 when I was a second Louie and could afford a wife”, “How long are you here for”, “I like the dermatologist in Waimea”, “They upped the golf fees”, “Really”, “Yeah, can’t get a deal on nine holes, now; well, I can’t play 18”, “God, the birds are noisy”
Pool chatter of the elderly leisure class
I counted nineteen signs around the pool
Giving rules or prohibiting something or another
Looks like the elderly owners not wanting to put up with the younger set
All in all – at 58 -I’ll be back
The Big Island