1-With Trump winning Florida, Illinois and Missouri it looks like its pretty much game over-some walking in a circle and gnashing of teeth at the R’s convention but that’s about it. He will probably be the R candidate. The only other option is a major fight to replace him at the convention. If that succeeds he may well run as a third party candidate. If it doesn’t succeed there is a slim possibility a breakaway faction of R’s might run a third party candidate.

2-Many Republican House members will fall in line or, at minimum, try to run their own race and ignore the Presidential machinations because they see it is the most likely way to keep their seat.

3-Most Republican senators up for reelection will generally try to distance themselves and run an independent race. It might work in some cases, but the R’S will ultimately loose the Senate while keeping control of the House.

4-Trump will move toward the middle and prove Cruz correct –he is not really a true hard rock conservative but that will improve his chances of winning. Will he ultimately win –no, but he will do better then most pundits currently think.

5-The reason he will loose is that the demographics of the country are changing. The non-white population is growing as a percentage of the electorate and although Trump says they “love him” the polls tell a much different story. In fact, turn out among those groups should be higher then normal because of his rhetoric.

6-In the next few weeks Sanders will take a few more rust belt states where the economy has been bad.

7-Clinton will continue to pick up delegates and have enough even without the super delegates coming into play. A sigh of relief will be heard among the super delegates that they don’t have to make the final decision and irritate the electorate even more then they are.

8- Hillary will be the D candidate and Sanders folks will generally fall in line and give her support. Other options such as sitting out the election are not viable given who the opposition candidate is.

9- The 2016 election will be like nothing we have seen in recent memory. It will be nasty, nasty, nasty.

10- Hillary Clinton will become the next President of the United States

Of course, my predictions could all fall apart, but that’s democracy in action.