I guess it started with a dog whose name is a distant forgotten memory. Killed by a car in front of the house in Princeton Illinois when I was 10. We buried him in the back yard—deep- so I assume he is still there.

Tippy, our dog in Idaho, quite a handful, so much so he went to a ranch and enjoyed life until a tractor tire got him.

Cleo, the family dog when my parents took the family to, New Jersey. She was a Cocker with a Cocker disposition. Lived a good long life until she got sick and old and my dad had to take her for her last ride to the vet’s office, actually twice before he could complete the task.

Cisco, a pure bred black lab with enormous energy given to us by my sister –in –law and shipped by air to Georgia. Came out of the crate like a bullet and ran every moment of his life. We gave Cisco to a neighbor who took him back to rural Alabama and made a coon dog out of him, bet he lived a great life.

Buffy, the dog who lived with us the longest – 2 months to 17 years. A feisty female, loved long walks, was afraid of nothing, could jump 4 feet in the air and truly enjoyed life until hurt by a German Shepard. A grieving family put her to sleep a year later. Until moving again I could look out our townhouse window and see where her ashes were buried.

Then 15 years ago a family of three dogs came into my life along with a human they brought with them. Rojo- the smart laid back big dog, Blackie, the fraidy cat dog with many neuroses, but very lovable and finally Sweet Pea, the queen bee of the place, treated well by her brothers, but like human women probably the strongest of the lot . Oh yes Newton, brought home to be a companion for Sweet Pea when the other dogs had passed on . He was not that brilliant and had issues with weather but as sweet a dog as there ever was and loved Sweet Pea, giving them both second lives.

Eventually age caught up with him and Sweet was left along again. She weathered the loneliness like a human widow-had good days and bad until her bad hips and cancer took it’s toll and she exclaimed “I’m ready to go-don’t keep me any longer –it’s my time.   So today is the day she went—-May 18,2010. We will miss her greatly.

P.S.-I guess it’s been maybe 5 years since we got Sable, a Husky Shepard mix. He was an older dog, very willful and it took me a long time to bond with him. we are certainly bonded now but he is still willful and will not come if called therefore a leash is always present when we go outside. Diabetes is taking a toll on him but he is still moving forward and enjoyed life. He is a part of the family and will so until he passes.

Where would we be without such great partners in life?