Well, the Caucuses are but a few days away and the New Hampshire vote a little after that. So, are you still undecided?

Do you want your vote to count? Do you want the candidate who best reflects your values to succeed? Well, here is my suggestion, and it works no matter if you are a far left wing progressive socialist or a right wing rock ribbed conservative.

Just remember two things: 1-We are a democracy –well not really, we are actually a Republic but for this conversation it doesn’t matter, and 2) Our government is set up where we have 3 co-equal branches. These two things create the Newton’s Law of Governance: No Branch of Government Ever Gets All That It Wants. No matter what the President says he will do on the first day after he or she is in office; the Congress, if it chooses, can override it or the Supreme Court declare it unconstitutional.

For example, the last years of the Obama Presidency have been filled with proposals that went nowhere because at least two branches and sometimes three, have been at loggerheads. Many polls suggest that the American public is fed up with inaction, no matter if you are a progressive or conservative.

So given Newton’s Law of Governance what is one to do?

What you should do is vote based on two factors. One, who you think is electable in the general election-remember it doesn’t really matter who wins the primaries, if they then lose the general election. Secondly, who can best work with the opposition, no matter if the opposition is in one’s own party or in the other. The American political system almost guarantees if you are really good at it you might get half the loaf you wanted. Only in a dictatorship does one get it all.

An example of a great half loaf was when Newt Gingrich and Bill Clinton each got a half loaf; budgets were cut and taxes were raised and the result was a balanced budget. This was the first and last in many years and was the priority of everyone.

So there you have it, one can yell, cajole, march in the street, or give tons of money to your cause but at the end of the day Newton’s Law of Politics will prevail so you might want to get prepared to vote based upon my recommendations and then, at the end of the day, be OK with half a loaf.