For those of you who may be following my musings on dementia and Alzheimer’s, this is my 7th posting on my blog.

For me to remember what I wrote before requires me to reread each one, but since each day is a bit different, hopefully each writing is maybe a little different as well.

I guess I’m writing today out of frustration with technology that seems to come at me daily. For me, changes in technology or a breakdown of technology, is beyond my understanding. I’m certain that generally is true of most folks over 70 but with some type of dementia diagnosis, it gets geometrically harder.


The other day my printer started to print backward and I think upside down. If there was no one around to figure it out I’m certain that would be the last of my printing, luckily after some effort my wife got it fixed.

My former company now uses some kind of online calendar and sends it to me regarding an upcoming meeting. The time shown never seems to be correct and I was told it’s a “universal time”, don’t have a clue what any of that means. I want to have someone call and tell me what time we are meeting so I can put it down in my “hard calendar” –not enter it in my phone.

The point of all this jabber is that getting older is a problem in and of itself, but having a form of dementia compounds the problem immensely.

I have recently seen a local physician, who I have known from other community activities, but have not seen before medically. There are not many experts on dementia and ALZ in the Des Moines area, that is why I originally went to Mayo’s in Rochester MN. Even with their help, I finally concluded finding someone locally would be useful and that turned out to be correct. I saw Dr. Shah at Broadlawns Hospital and was pleased with his knowledge and “bedside manner”. In my view those skill sets are both important and rarely found in the same practitioner. I think having a local expert may make it easier to track my progress and also make life easier if crises occur.

Finally, if you are interested in learning more, there is a series called Embrace Aging held each couple of weeks, over the next few months, at Des Moines University. It is sponsored by Calvin Community and the program and dates can be found on their web side - In addition the Iowa Alzheimer’s Association has its annual conference coming up on April 10, at Prairie Meadows, with nationally known experts on the program. Their information can be found at

Finally, don’t know about anyone else, but I am ready for spring.

Dick g                              2/28/18