For the past year and a half I thought I was in Stage 1 of ALZ. Over the past week or so I have felt I really have declined and am certain I have moved to the next stage. I went on the internet and found web sites that will tell me there are 3 stages of ALZ, another says 5 stages and even another says 7 stages. At this point I’m just confused, exactly what I don’t need as my AlZ progresses.

First lets deal with the underlying question of what do I feel like now. From the perspective of one who has it to anyone else who has it –you already know what I mean. Yesterday was not as good as the day before and today is worse. I am certainly more tired, can’t remember names I knew yesterday, math has decided to leave, maybe permanently. Funny thing is a year or so ago I was pretty good at math –it’s gone. The tiredness is new. I slept well last night and even so took 3 naps today. I never napped!


I was able to get up, host a friend, who is in Federal Law Enforcement and held a full 2 hour conversation with him about law enforcement issues, but when he left I took another nap. I was able to cook dinner (I’m the cook in the family), but my skill set is eroding.

After my friend left I went on line to look at what the various stages of decline are and all I got was confused .I am either at stage 1 going to stage 2 or I’m at stage 2 going to stage 3 or I’m going from stage 3 to whatever comes after. Come on medical community get your communal act together!

All I do know is decline is continuing and I am so lucky that; I have a spouse that is with me all the way, whatever the hell is next.

Usually I’m intellectually up beat but today –just pissy-sorry maybe tomorrow will be better. Again, to those of you who have this crazy thing-you know exactly what I mean-God bless every one of you.