For some time my spouse has attempted to convince me that the President’s crazy positions, comments, tweets and other irrational behaviors are, in large part, based upon a form of dementia.

A little context as to why I believe her is needed. In 2014 a Mayo Clinic Neurologist in Rochester Minnesota, diagnosed me with Vascular Dementia. A few years later, another Neurologist mentioned “Mild Cognitive Impairment” and finally a third confirmed Alzheimer’s. My spouse has been living with my disease as well and has followed the impact it has had on my life. Until a few years ago I was a corporate executive running my own company. This disease has progressed and I have changed relatively dramatically over the past 4 ½ years since the diagnosis.


I am convinced that when a person gets dementia, it sets one on a path that was predetermined because it is not curable. Decline is inevitable, but how one reacts over time is in large part due to their upbringing and lifetime environment, plus dementia. Although I am not a physician, I know how my life has changed and I also have watched others with this disease and how they have changed.

In my case I grew up in a very religious family. My father was a pastor with a fairly liberal bent. My mother was more conservative, but both were extremely kind helpful people, who treated all individuals with dignity and respect, no matter their race or religion. Although I never thought much about those issues growing up, as I aged I became very aware of my parents and their view of life. My view, at first became like theirs, but over time, as I got older, and dementia begin to take hold I grew even more concerned about other people and all living things as well. It became a passion to do what I could to help everyone and every living thing. Stuff others might consider silly or strange, such as feeding a fox in our woods every day because he has a bad limp and is unable to hunt. My wife and I also do what many others do; we feed hummingbirds, set out birdseed and aquire our pets from animal rescue organizations. All that is not necessarily unique, but I believe that my taking pains not to step on anthills or even individual ants may be a bit over the top for many. Never the less it is who I have become because of dementia AND my upbringing.

When I was growing up I hunted with my dad. After I got Dementia, I find I can no longer directly kill an animal and what meat we eat must be raised correctly and killed correctly. I am still a carnivore, but a very compassionate one.

So how does all this relate to the president and his dementia? Trump grew up in a tough household with a demanding father. All I have ever read about his early and even adult years as a businessman and his other endeavors is that he was fairly self-centered with a huge ego coming from his father. He has always had a habit of skirting the truth and blaming others for any mistakes that may have been made. With dementia, who you were and how it affects who you have become, becomes even more pronounced. The traits, he exhibited throughout his life are only exaggerated as his dementia grows.

Much has been written lately about some of his top people being very concerned about his decision-making, his rambling repetitive speech and in a number of cases, it is assumed some top level folks are only staying with him to protect the country.

Dementia or Alzheimer’s generally tends to run in certain families because of genetics and Trump’s father Fred Trump had ALZ for 6 years before he died in 1999.

My conclusion is that the President certainly has some form of Dementia, probably Alzheimer’s and it also is affecting the way he is acting and it’s getting worse. Both of those issues are real problems for the country. The quicker the problem is recognized by the voters and the Republican controlled Congress the better off we will all be.

Dick Goodson, An expert on ALZ because I live it. 9/8/18