Why we are the way we are.

The Daily Democrat and the Starting Line are great publications and I feel privileged that they publish my musings, usually about something political, but not today.

Of late, I have been absorbed in a more philosophical issue, examining in my own mind, why people –human beings- act the way they do which is many times in contravention of their own moral imperatives. Every day when I read the paper, there is some nasty event caused by a human or humans. Sometimes, it is so tragic one must hold ones head and pray that it was not correct. The article a few days ago about the young woman who starved to death because her adoptive parents would not feed her and locked her in a room, while they went to Disney World with their biological children, was such an event.


I am far from an expert on animal behavior, but it seems to me, as my wife and I look out the window into the forest behind our house, that the food we put out for the deer,

Foxes and birds (the squirrels seem to be happy with our walnut trees) to help them get through the winter is a communal event with each sharing time below the feeders.

I remember when I was in Graduate School reading a book by Robert Audrey, a Paleontologist /Anthropologist who posited that humans not only came from apes, but from a virulent strain of ape he referred to as “killer apes”.

As I look around to see my human counterparts, I sometimes wonder if Audrey was correct.

People in various countries feeling hatred for one another, much less what many feel toward people in their own country, even their own race or own ethnicity, leads me to believe, even as simple as humans living in America, supposedly the greatest country on the planet, cannot get along and get their political act together to put their government working again for the benefit of all. I have not even factored in the nastiness that humans in three South American countries feel toward one another that created this mess in the first place.

If I had my druthers, I would put the deer, birds and squirrels in charge of the planet.

Humans certainly are making a mess of it.

Dick Goodson 1/23/19