Other than Trump vs. the other guys, the second most important news story going on is the Senate’s refusal to even talk to prospective Supreme Court nominees. Their assumption is that next year they will control the White House and maintain a majority in the Senate, thereby controlling the nomination and getting another very conservative judge appointed.

This approach makes imminent sense if -big if- one assumes that the Republicans will win the Presidency. Assuming they win the Presidency it is a fairly safe bet they will also retain their majority in the Senate. If not, the current 54/46, (the 2 independents caucus with the Dems), at least a slim majority will probably exist.

However, given the current state of unrest in the run for president on the Republican side, their probability of winning is, in my mind, reducing on a daily basis. My conventional wisdom told me months ago that they would undoubtedly lose if they nominated Senator Cruz-a Goldwater replay or Trump, who of course, they would never in a million years, go for.

WRONG-the beginning favorite Jeb Bush is gone and the only other person capable of winning the presidency against Mrs. Clinton –according to the polls is Gov. Kasich, who no one currently thinks has a chance. Trump is ahead, by a lot. The Republican establishment is walking in circles and muttering to themselves. Senator Rubio is throwing Hail Mary passes, but is behind in his own state. There are a lot of possibilities that still exist, but the one that is growing, is that the Republicans will not get their act together and will lose badly-maybe even the Senate. If that happens, say goodbye to the conservative court.

If I were in their shoes, I would negotiate with the President while still retaining leverage and try to get a moderately conservative judge appointed before the election. But then again, maybe just like Rubio, they are just into Hail Mary passes.