I first met Joe Biden when he ran for President in the mid 80s.I was very impressed then and still am. Joe didn’t attract me because I’m a guy with a few college degrees.No, he attracts me because for my first 12 years in the job market I was an apprentice and then juryman butcher. By the time I left the trade (which got me through college plus the GI bill) I could cut up a four quarter or hind quarter of beef three different ways. I think about all the guys and a few women I worked with over the years and in my view Joe is THEIR candidate. He is down to earth, he talks their language and Trump is afraid he can pull his base away from him and I am certain he can. He has been through hard times (loss of first wife and two children. He is grounded, honest and a great caring person as well as having a vision for the working class, which is currently being left behind.


He is also a touchy feely kind of guy. The 5 or 6 times I have been with him including dinner,that was apparent. I am not a touchy feely kind of person and at first found it mildly disconcerting, but finely found it kind of cute. Whether man or woman he always seemed to reach out touching their shoulder and when shaking their hand held their elbow or something similar. That is who he is. The problem is that after the “me to movement” got going, the culture shifted. I would agree that shift is for the better, but we all need to be aware change doesn’t happen over night. It happens over time for each one of us. I am certain Joe is now a slightly different person after this” touching event”. Lets call it a learning experience and move on. He is still the best person on the planet to get Trump out of the White House. Buy the way, in my view he needs to appoint a woman as a running mate and then probably run just one term. I say that as a guy his age and this is no April fool.

Dick Goodson  4/1/19