On certain issues the press needs to do a better job

                                                      Such as on Abortion & Impeachment

Usually the press gets the issues it deals with fairly correctly but every now and then, they miss the most important part of an issue. Here in my opinion are two major issues where the press has missed covering the most salient points. That’s important because these issues are in the press almost daily.

My first example is the issue of abortion. Many important points are raised except one, which is rarely talked about and that is, no matter what antiabortion laws are passed either by states or god forbid the reversal of Row V Wade at the Federal level, abortions will not stop. They will just go underground performed by, in a few cases physicians, who are willing to take great risk, and in some states that means prison time up to 99 years. Those however, will be just a few, with a majority performed by nonmedical personnel in what was referred to prior to January 22,1973 as “back alley abortions”. It has been reported that between one million and two million abortions were performed each year prior to Row V Wade.


If you are one who believes more stringent state or even federal laws will stop abortion, you are sadly mistaken. All you will have done is criminalized it. Women will continue to do what they believe is a critical decision in their life. Criminalize abortion or not is the core issue. Either way it will not stop.

My second issue is Presidential impeachment. It seems every day another Democrat has decided to support the impeachment of the President. It takes only a simple majority of House members to impeach a President. Currently there are 197 Republicans and 235 Democrats. With those numbers it would be relatively easy, assuming Democrat House members followed their party line, for the House to pass an impeachment resolution. However impeachment would then be taken up by Senate .The Senate requires a 2/3s majority to pass impeachment. With 100 Senators 67 would be needed for the resolution. Currently there are 47 Democrats, 51 Republicans and 2 independents. That means in addition to the 2 independent members 18 Republicans would have to join to support the resolution. As of this writing I believe only one Republican would vote for it. That means it would fail, the President would shout that he was fully vindicated and supporters of the President would have field day.

In my view, unless enough new information is found to change the Republican dynamic, impeachment is not only a bad idea, but would put the Democrats in a much worse position.

In both the Abortion and Impeachment issues, more in depth press coverage needs to occur.