Our Days Now, With Hope For The Future.

As retirees, I’m pretty sure my wife and I are better off then most during this pandemic. We did not lose our jobs, are not home with crying children who desperately want to do something other then hang around the house while school is closed, and at this stage in life with all our parents deceased, are not worried about their declining health care in a nursing home with the virus concerning residents and staff alike. We are truly blessed.

My only real concern is how my disabled former Marine brother is doing in his Ankeny nursing home, which for now seems ok except for the issue everyone is facing, that being boredom.


Other then two family members catching the virus a few weeks ago, and are now, thankfully over it, this period has been relatively free of concerning issues.

As with most Americans, as well as folks across the world, we spend our days at home watching television, reading various newspapers collected on the few times we go out to the grocery store, putter in the yard, walk the dog (the dog loves the extra attention) and for me, cooking is the pastime.

It is predicted the virus will slow down and eventually go away, but possibly return in the fall. If so hopefully we will be more prepared then we have been.

One thing for sure, this will eventually pass away. The key issue for society, our government and all of our leaders is what did we learn and how can we be better prepared for the next round of crisis, which I can guarantee will come again.

Best wishes to us all of in that process.

Dick Goodson