Who is This Guy Writing This Blog?

Good question? Answer is complicated.

The following are  things that might provide insight.

-Born in Chattanooga, TN in the early 1940's.

-Lived in Tennessee, Ilinois, Idaho, Indiana, New Jersey, Georgia and Iowa.

-Spent 10 yrs. as a meat cutter/butcher union guy.

-Served two years in the US Army. Came out as an E5.

-Undergraduate and graduate degrees in Political Science.

-Religion: Best defined as a Buddhist/Baptist.

-Half of my professional career was spent running non-profit trade associations.

-The other half of my career was in owning a business which managed  a wide range of associations, including, banking, federal law enforcement, medical societies, sports and small business.

-For 40 years I have been the Court Appointed Conservator for my 100% disabled brother, who while serving in the Marine Corps in Viet Nam in 1969 was hit in the head by a helicopter blade.

-For about 30 years was the Chair of the Des Moines Committee on Foreign Relations and held numerious positions in the national organization.

-Inquisitive, as all get out, on issues of ethics, politics, religion, health care, foreign policy and societal problems.

Can't spell worth a hoot and have acquired a wide range of health problems, Including a diagnosis in early 2017 of Stage 1 Alzheimer's.

So whoopee doo, why did I start this Blog?

Although the local press was occasionally printing my stuff, I did not feel it was enough and once I overcame my Luddite tendencies, found the Blog format was the way to go. I felt after 74 years on this planet with hopefully a few to go, I could offer some insight on stuff I have seen, heard and thought about.

What this Blog is not about, and if you feel you need that stuff please feel free to be disappointed, is a rant and rave from either a liberal or conservative point of view. Depending on the issue I may express a conservative (meaning the need to conserve) point of view or a moderate or fairly liberal view.