South Texas at its best
Blue sky, slight breeze and 85 – humidity low
A luxury resort at 3:00 p.m., around the pool
Humanity at not its best or worst, but its average
A German tanned muscular skimpy suited guy
A woman, 60 plus cellulite and tan, earlier looking very royal in a pink gown and interesting hat – a wedding party, I believe
4 kids playing their version of water polo with a tennis ball

A man, bad limp – 4 kids – maybe a settlement brought him here, muscular, but not from a machine
A hairy guy reading and underlining the good (or maybe the bad) parts
A woman in jeans in the shade
A tanned, tanned blonde – oh, two tanned, tanned blondes
The non-working class – the pool aristocracy
Teenage girls – full braces and breasts just starting – so unsure of themselves
A guy turning red with earphones splashing himself but not really in the water
Accents Southern, German, Mexican, neutral mid-American
A truly cosmopolitan pool
Houston Texas- 2000 something